Mill Supply is your source for a broad range of industrial and machine shop supplies & equipment. Janice, Juli, Wayne, Peter and Jill handle Industrial and Machine Shop requests with a policy to quote 100% of your purchase order. Our desire to go above and beyond for our customers, delivering a large spectrum from the world’s best manufacturers helps our customers do their jobs every day.

Janice Fraser

Janice is President of Mill Supply with over 35 years of industry experience building strong vendor partnerships and going the extra mile for customers. See Janice’s featured line this month below.

Janice: (902) 468-3236 Ext 226

Wayne Blackwood

Wayne has been serving industrial customers for over 35 years. As a primary contact for machine shop customers, he is a huge knowledge base. Call Wayne for your machinery and storage solutions.

Wayne: (902) 468-3236 Ext 248